About Us

PT. Trit Indonesia is a fast growth industrial distribution company which focus on range of mechanical tools, specialty chemicals, disposable supplies, and cleaning wipes and saftey products to for food manufacturing, aviation, building maintenance, construction, heavy equipment, mining and general manufacturing and other users.

Based in Alam Sutera - Tangerang, a strategic and vibrant business district in out skirt of Jakarta.

Partnership with some major brand owners with strong technical supports: CRC, Cromwell, kimberly-clark-professional, CEJN, Chemours, Superform, Taconic and Tsubaki.

The company has maintained a strong commitment to productivity, delivering both quality service and competitive pricing. As it looks to the future, PT. Trit Indonesia is focused on increasing productivity, enhancing customer service and exploring new buusiness opportunities.

Our Vision

To be a remarkable industrial distribution company in Indonesia

Our Mission


Provide service of such excellence that customers prefer PT. Trit Indonesia to be their supplier regardless of the brand or product they select.

Support Manufacture
Support Manufacture

PT. Trit Indonesia support Manufacturers who actively assist in satisfying our customers needs to the benefit of all.

Safe, Satisfying and Rewarding Environment
Safe, Satisfying and Rewarding Environment

For our employees by encouraging initiative, teamwork and pride in the achievement of our buusiness objectives.

Consistently Achieve Financial Performance
Consistently Achieve Financial Performance

Consistently achieve financial performance above both industry average and the minimum expectations of our shareholders.

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    Ruko Prominence 38E No 41
        Jalan Jalur Sutera Boulevard
        Alam Sutera
        Tangerang, Banten

    +62 21 2977 9560 - 61
         +62 812 8556 7555
         +62 878 7173 8555

      [email protected]